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Requesting access

Access to HPC

Access to HPC is the route for non consortium partners to apply for access to Baskerville.

Baskerville is a Tier 2 HPC facility and access is made available to researchers using EPSRC’s Access to HPC calls. Details on the application process are provided by EPSRC.

“Pump priming” access

As part of the application process for Access to HPC, researchers are required to obtain a technical review by the Tier 2 site. We may be able to provide some limited access to researchers to test and evaluate their code prior to making an application under Access to HPC.

Please contact the Baskerville management team who will provide further details on the requirements for pump priming access.

Consortium member access

Members of the Baskerville consortium are not eligible to apply to use Baskerville under Access to HPC, however each institutional member has an allocation of resource made available and they should use the process defined by their institution.

The Alan Turing Institute

Instructions for requesting access to Baskerville, and other systems available at the Turing, can be found on the research computing platforms page of Turing Complete.

The University of Birmingham

Members of the University of Birmingham should see the “University page on HPC facilities” for details on how to request access to Baskerville. Birmingham researchers have access to institutional HPC (BlueBEAR) as well as to Tier 2 facilities (Baskerville and Sulis). As part of a request for access, we may recommend use of one of the other facilities depending on your workload and general allocation of resources across the systems.

Diamond Light Source


The Rosalind Franklin Institute


Last update: April 5, 2022
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