These commands are all designed to be run from a terminal after logging into Baskerville.

Command Description
baskstatus Shows current GPU availability (not through portal)
ln -sn <project directory> ~/<project directory name> Creates a link from a project directory to your home directory
my_baskerville Information about your Projects and QoS
my_quota Shows how much space you are using in your home directory (not through portal)
module avail Show the available modules on the system
module list Show the loaded modules
module load baskerville Load the basic modules and environment variables
module purge Unload all loaded modules
module spider Get information about a specific module
module unload Unload a specific loaded module e.g. module unload Python/3.8.6-GCCCore-10.2.0
sbatch <batch script> Submits a batch script; note the job number
scancel -j <job number> Cancels a slurm job
squeue -u $USER Show all of a user’s current jobs
squeue -j <job number> Shows the progress of a specific job Slurm status codes can be found here
squeue -j <job number> --start Shows when your job is expected to start
srun --account <project_name> --qos <qos> --time 5 --export=USER,HOME,PATH,TERM --pty /bin/bash Starts an interactive session on a compute node; run from a login node (not through portal)

Conda cheatsheet is available here.

Last update: November 22, 2022